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Rose Garden

Our rose garden has 3,500 bushes, belonging to 50 different varieties, more or less.

The annual pruning of rosebushes will be completed by the middle of October. Pruning removes weak, twiggy and spent branches, and shortens the stronger stems to stimulate vigorous growth of flowers. Roots are partially dug up, and given manures and composts to sustain the flowering process.
The flowering's will begin, from the fourth week of November, and will continue for nearly twelve weeks. That’s the prime season for roses. Unlike in the west, rose blossoms here during winter, better if it is colder, and sunnier. That impacts directly on flower’s size, colour and fragrance.

To speak of fragrance, about 80 percent of the entire garden produces fragrant roses. Perhaps you would like to know about their identity and characteristics. This page will throw some light, from time to time, during the coming season.
Language Of Roses.

Angel Face.

Apricot Silk.

Blue Moon.

Blue Nile.

Century Two.

Crimson Glory.

Die Welt.

Double Delight.

Gold Medal.

Golden Celebration.


Joseph's Coat.

Mister Lincoln.

Mary Rose.



Papa Meilland .


Pascali .

Pot O' Gold.

Super Star.


Roses of Salna Orchard